• Precise measurement and recording of criteria determining wear and safety on crane runways:
    • Horizontal and vertical rail deviation
    • Track gauge / distance between two rails
    • Height difference of two rails
    • Inclination of the rail head
  • Increase of operational safety
  • Minimization of track wear
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Increase in equipment availability (OEE)
  • Optimization of operating characteristics and workflows

The importance of cranes for the global economy is enormous; no port, no industrial plant can do without them. Cranes are used in a wide variety of designs, mostly as gantry cranes, in all sectors of the economy. Essential for the function and safety of cranes during construction and operation is the quality of the crane runways.

CRIS-III offers fast, reliable and, above all, high-precision measurement of rail tracks for industrial cranes, harbor rail cranes, container stacking cranes and the like. Criteria that determine wear and safety, for example deviating isometry or the position of the tracks in relation to each other, are measured precisely with CRIS-III.