• Microstructure analysis of cast aluminum
  • Determination of the mean dendrite arm spacing (DAS)
  • BDG Guideline P220
  • Determination of measurement lines for adjacent dendrite arms
  • Automatic line detection with the possibility of manual correction of position and number of arms
  • Interactive correction modes
  • ​Evaluation of single images or batch evaluation of image series​
  • ​Automatic protocol generation
  • ​Determination of a two-dimensional diagram of the solidification process over the component
  • Image database interface

In the metal processing industry, especially in vehicle construction, there is a need to produce components for more energy-efficient use as global resources become increasingly scarce. Above all, the parts should become lighter and lighter - because less weight means less consumption. Consequently, aluminum plays a prominent role in achieving the associated ecological and economic goals. Finally, objective and reproducible quality assessment procedures are indispensable.

The Aluminum Casting Analysis module was developed with this in mind and provides a fully automated determination of the quantitative microstructural properties of cast aluminum alloys. This is based on the specifications of BDG Guideline P220 "Determination of dendrite arm spacing for castings made of cast aluminum alloys". 

The average dendrite arm spacing (DAS = Dendrite Arm Spacing) is a parameter for determining quantitative microstructural properties, in particular it is used to calculate the local solidification times in a cast structure.

  • Length of the current measured section as well as accumulated for all sections in the image and in the measurement series.
  • Number of currently measured dendrite arms as well as accumulated over the entire measurement series
  • Averaged DAS of the current dendrite
  • Averaged DAS
  • Variance and median of the averaged DAS
  • Local solidification time

All measurement results are clearly displayed and any deviations that may occur can be seen at a glance. In addition, the intelligent visual display makes the measurement results comprehensible even for experts.