In order to remain competitive, companies worldwide are faced with the challenge of adapting technical and organizational structures to the requirements of a digitized world. Digitization is the dominant topic in the industry and in collaboration with our parent company GFaI e.V., we support companies worldwide in their digital transformation by offering solutions that are at the forefront of technology and go far beyond the state of the art.


Technological and process-related changes require a high degree of skill and a sense of perspective. We are experts in supporting these processes in a target-oriented manner, building on more than 30 years of experience. We advise, design and develop solutions that help our customers become more efficient and innovative. To this end, we offer a comprehensive collection of already established hardware and software solutions and are also able to provide individual support through industry-related applied research services.


It takes foresight to recognize trends when making entrepreneurial decisions. A company's range of services must be constantly developed and successfully positioned on the market. In addition, both cost pressure and quality requirements are constantly increasing. A major driving force in solving such problems is digitalization - an area in which we have great expertise! Our solutions are developed within the framework of applied industry-related R&D and therefore have a demonstrably very high degree of market relevance.


The prerequisite for constantly developing new solutions for highly complex problems is creativity and freedom! The fact that we not only state this but also live it is reflected in our products. And we are not afraid of new challenges, quite the opposite: We love what we do!