We are dedicated to the marketing of research results of the Society for the Advancement of Applied Computer Science (GFaI) e.V.

With our team of professionals in the fields of product management as well as marketing and sales, we make groundbreaking developments of the GFaI usable for society and economy. Furthermore, we help to steer the R&D work by communicating the needs of the market to GFaI.

In our product portfolio, we focus on progressive solutions in the fields of Automation, artificial intelligence, digitalization, machine vision / image processing, material analysis, process technology and robotics.


  • Automation solutions
  • Model-driven software engineering (MDSE), based on hierarchical state machines
  • Modeling, configuration, design, optimization and simulation of technical systems
  • No-code software
  • Optical materials testing – measurement, inspection, analysis, classification, documentation
  • Production technology
  • Process simulation
  • Procedures for placement / layout and routing
  • Robotics
  • Support of visual / subjective evaluation processes by software
  • State and shape monitoring, variance analysis


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