For us, these are the basis for a positive and inspiring working atmosphere and the necessary condition for outstanding results.

If you love challenges, if your glass is always half full, and if you want to actively drive digital transformation and take on responsibility, then you've come to the right place...



Our proposition:

Our mission is to offer smart solutions for smart companies through targeted technology transfer and thus to stand by the industry as a strong partner for digital transformation!

Through many years of research and development on the part of GFaI e.V., we can offer an extensive portfolio of solutions in the areas of automation, image processing as well as process technology and robotics. All of them are products that are not only far beyond the state of the art, but are also used by many well-known quality-oriented companies. Market-oriented product management combined with excellent customer relations are the most important prerequisites for turning leading technologies into market-ready solutions. 

This is a continuous process! Since the world is also constantly changing, we must be agile and flexible on the one hand and never lose sight of our customers with their ideas and requirements on the other. The success of our customers is always our focus!

This results in a variety of problems and tasks that need to be solved and mastered. The environment is often highly complex and extremely diverse due to the wide range of our solutions. We love what we do!


Birds of a feather flock together:

  • We want you to take responsibility for your area of work from day one. This also means that you will familiarize yourself intensively with this field with the aim of assuming an expert role and representing this internally and externally.
  • You must have personal responsibility, discipline and motivation, because we are not a company where your work is meticulously planned and controlled by superiors.
  • Of course, we offer all the support you need to fulfill your tasks, but we expect you to come to us proactively, if you have any questions.
  • As a team, we pool our know-how and grow together to meet challenges.
  • Much more than specific education or work experience, we value people who think for themselves, think outside the box, and value solutions more than problems.


Sales (d/f/m)
Software Solutions in Optical Material Analysis

Kewords: Account & affiliate management, gateway to product development


Marketing (d/f/wm

Keywords: CD, online, offline, copywriting, LinkedIn, videos, trade shows & events


Student Employee Marketing (d/f/m)

Keywords: CD, online, offline, copywriting, LinkedIn, videos, events & trade shows, growing into a full-time employee


Software Solutions in Robotics

Kewords: Account & affiliate management, gateway to product development


UI/UX-Design (d/f/m)

Keywords: Intelligent workflows, innovation & implementability, CD


Student Employee Sales (d/f/m)

Keywords: Market research, sales team support, growing into a full-time employee

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Application procedure and storage of your documents

Here's how to apply:

You want to work with us? We look forward to receiving your (anonymous) CV and a short cover letter to Please use the code of the position you are applying for in the subject line or write " unsolicited application".


This is what happens with your documents:

We keep your application documents for a maximum of six months. If during this time a vacancy arises that we can offer you, we will be happy to contact you. Otherwise, we will delete all application documents after 6 months or, at your request, before that.