• Straightforward selection dialogs (images, yes/no questions) - faster specification of issues
  • Optimized for touch screen operation
  • Comprehensive and central knowledge base for instructions on troubleshooting
  • Increased OEE by reducing downtime due to incidents
  • Lower training costs for inexperienced personnel
  • Efficient tool for maintaining, protecting and accessing critical organizational knowledge (ISO 9001:2015, section 7.1.6)

Modern production systems are characterized by an interaction of individual processes. Faults in a process can therefore shut down entire production lines and lead to high losses. Reducing incident-related machine downtime is a key factor in increasing overall equipment efficiency (OEE). To achieve this, incidents and their corrective actions must be managed. The challenge is to collect, manage and retrieve information.

QuickSteps® offers the ideal solution for this: the worker on the shop floor is guided through a series of dialog queries to the incident specification and receives the appropriate instructions for action. If an incident has not yet been recorded in the software, the employee can easily document the incident and measures taken for its resolution. QuickSteps® is thus a powerful tool for knowledge management (see ISO 9001:2015) and supports a continuous improvement process.