• Offline robot programming
  • Automatic generation of optimized robot trajectories
  • Simulation and visualization of  coating tasks
  • Considerable savings in glazing/painting material due to optimized robot paths
  • Existing programs can be transferred to all common robot types
  • Easy to learn and operate due to optimized workflow

Digital teach-in
So that production does not have to be stopped for robot programming.

No-code programming
The operator sets the teach points on a 3D model of the workpiece. 3D-ProSim then automatically generates the robot trajectory and creates executable, manufacturer- specific code for the robot. It is not necessary for the operator to know how to program a robot / write robot code.

Program simulation & executability check
3D-ProSim simulates the robot program and the processing result (thickness of the coating layer), calculates the overall process time as well as the coating material consumption and evaluates the executability of the robot program.


Used in combination with the SmartDetect solution for type and position detection of parts, tolerant and continuous production is ensured extending to the integration of the production data into the company software.