• Automatic generation of plant layout and line balancing
  • Fast cost estimation
  • Customizable rules and resource library
  • Minimal resource requirements for a given cycle time (SALBP optimization)
  • Simulation of plant behavior
  • Plant rough planning with just a few clicks
  • Comparison of planning alternatives
  • Quick and easy implementation of planning changes
  • Reduced planning effort
  • Reduced costs

AutoPlan closes the automation gap in production planning. The software enables quick and easy rough planning of a production plant. The production process is entered into AutoPlan in the form of process chains (process model), from which the plant is automatically generated with just one mouse click.

The optimization algorithm takes into account predefined requirements and premises and delivers as a result a quantity structure of the production plant with a rough spatial layout, as well as a representation of the behavior of the plant in the form of cycle time diagrams. In addition, the generated structure can be used as the basis for a simulation.

The simple operation allows different planning variants to be created quickly and compared with each other.

AutoPlan can be integrated into PLM systems and other software environments, obtain input parameters from there and store the planning statuses for further processing.