Demanding challenges require new ways!​

Ensuring product quality is crucial to the success of any manufacturing company. The nature and quality of the materials used play a decisive role here.But cost pressure is immense...

On the one hand, markets are demanding ever cheaper products, while on the other hand we are seeing material prices rise steadily due to the continuous increase in the cost of key raw materials, which in turn has a negative impact on corporate profits. ​

Quality management in the field of materials testing becomes a decisive balancing act!

Quality management reimagined...

  • In an increasingly digitalized world, QM solutions also need to be re-imagined and implemented.
  • Standards often still represent an outdated state of the art
  • Optical Material Analysis is the new state of the art!

What benefits does OptiMa offer you?​

  • Time and cost savings​
  • Reproducibility of measurement results
  • Unambiguous definition of required quality standards
  • Precise measurement results​
  • Distinct competitive advantages through measurable increase, reliability and efficiency in the entire QM process

OptiMa is modular and is continuously developed together with experts from the industry!​​