• Microstructure analysis of gray cast iron with lamellar graphite
  • ​Determination of the ferrite/pearlite ratio
  • ​DIN EN ISO 945 and ASTM-A247​

Software functionality:​

  • Calculation of individual arrangement classifiers​
  • EAccurate definition of material requirements between supplier and customer​
  • ​Image preprocessing​
  • ​Interactive correction modes
  • ​Create, save, load measurement profiles​
  • ​Evaluation of single images or batch evaluation of image series
  • ​Automatic protocol generation
  • ​Image database interface

Gusseisen mit Lamellengraphit (GJL) ist einer der ältesten Maschinenbauwerkstoffe und aufgrund seiner vorteilhaften Materialeigenschaften auch heute noch sehr gefragt. Its annual production is far greater than that of all other cast iron materials combined.

One component of the CastIronAnalysis module is the standard-compliant graphite evaluation on the lamellar casting (GJL). The most important parameter here is the determination of the arrangement types A-E for the lamellar graphite. Further parameters to be measured are.;​

  • ​Graphite content
  • Number and density of lamellas
  • Lamella size distribution​​

All measurement results are presented visually and any deviations can be identified at a glance. The intelligent visual display also makes the measurement results comprehensible for experts.