• 3D detection of the parts
  • Identification of the part and its deviation from the nominal position 
  • Selection of the corresponding robot program and adaptation to the actual position of the part
  • High detection rate (>99 %) 
  • Reduced workload and protection against downtimes due to maloperation
  • Teach-in mode (no CAD data required)

Automated coating processes
Workpieces are completely recorded in 3D with a laser light sectioning system, and the data thus collected is used to automatically determine and output both the workpiece type and the position and orientation deviation from the nominal position from a database. 
The correct robot program is then selected and adapted to the actual position of the part.

Easy to operate
The special teach-in mode makes it easy to add new part models to the database. This means that no CAD data of the parts is required. The teach-in process for a new model takes about 60 seconds.

SmartDetect 3.0

  • Identification of holes - reliable separation of parts that can only be distinguished by their holes
  • Acceleration of the detection process through the use of more efficient hardware components
  • Teach-in mode - Allows new models to be easily added to the database. CAD data of the models is no longer needed, the teach-in process for a new model takes about 60 seconds.


Used in combination with the 3D-ProSim solution for offline robot programming and process simulation, tolerant and continuous production is ensured extending to the integration of the production data into the company software.